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We'll show you...

  • the secrets behind art techniques kids LOVE and how to teach the techniques to kids of all ages and abilities
  • ways to reignite your passion and illuminate WHY you began teaching art in the first place
  • the strategies art teachers use to create projects, develop ideas and teach kids
  • why it's important to put yourself first so that you can become a happier, calm and creative teacher

This workshop is structured to be the best way for you practice techniques and work with supplies so that you can step into your art room with knowledge and confidence.

  • Inspiring, technique-rich, full-length art tutorials videos from well known artists, art teachers and creative makers
  • Learn how to engage children through creative and engaging art processes.
  • Massive Workshop Action Guide filled with worksheets and take-aways 
  • Beautiful art worksheets for every session

7 Art Educators demonstrate their teaching strategies through projects in real time.

ART MIXOLOGY guest teachers will share strategies to teach:

  • How to paint a polar bear with gouache to teach craftsmanship & color mixing Britt Curley.
  • The BEST strategies to lead children through a multi-layer whimsical landscape that uses cardboard, acrylic paints and a custom frame. Cacti on Contour from Ami Maes.
  • Discover the Power of Fives to make composing a still life balanced, colorful and nuanced with Anna Bartlett.
  • Understand the 5 watercolor techniques that all children can master plus how to assemble them into one large composition or collaborative mural with Patty Palmer.
  • Discover the magic of fluorescent paints by creating a whimsical tree frog with Sarah Krajewski.
  • Learn time-saving art show hacks and how to make $$$ for your school art program with Krista Hilmen.

Britt will present one of her favorite mediums, gouache and will demonstrate how it beautifully pairs with dry media. Britt will show a few gouache techniques to introduce its’ qualities and possibilities.

She will then demonstrate some projects where gouache is paired with colored pencil, pen and graphite for a crisp, refined and detailed finish.

Experiment along with Sarah Krajewski (@artroomglitterfairy) using black ink, liquid watercolors, tempera paint, CelluClay (or model magic!), and of course, glitter!

Combining painted paper and air dry clay can produce beautiful 3D collage relief results. Sarah will also give you a few tips about how you can make your projects glow using black lights and neon art materials

Ami is the owner of Handmakery art studio in Colorado. Her signature style of color, whimsy and embellishments will captivate both you and your students. 

Founder of DEEP SPACE SPARKLE, The Sparkler's Club and host of the Art Made Easy podcast.

Patty will reveal the techniques that made her convert to a colored pencil, marker and crayon fan. You'll LOVE these mixed-media projects.

Hands-on art training featuring your favorite art teachers, artists and makers


Hands-on art training featuring your favorite art teachers, artists and makers. Our line-up of teachers offer the BEST and most ENGAGING art techniques to rejuvenate your art program....and they're revealing ALL their secrets.


Tempera, Tints & Textures: The Layers of a Landscape

Founder of Painted Paper Art, color whiz and art teacher extraordinaire, Laura will show you how to make your painting projects POP with special tricks for tempera paints and chalk pastels.

These tips are guaranteed to eliminate boredom in the art room.

BONUS: Snag an extra Van Gogh art lesson from Laura in our sign-up BONUSES!


Creative Classroom Management Strategies for the Art Teacher

Pittsburg art teacher and Instagram lover (artwithmrs.e), Kaitlyn will share her secrets on how she transforms her art room into a colorful, gentle space that inspires children to be their creative best.

She also shares her Sketchbook Success Secrets in our BONUS section.


Shiny, Happy Acrylic Art Tips for Kids

Anna loves teaching adults and kids how to use acrylic paints in her Australian art studio, Shiny Happy Art.

Anna's bright paintings are equally as inspiring to adults as kids. She is the author of the book, Painting Party.


A Summer Splendor: Watercolor Exploration in Stencils and Silhouettes

Gina is the Watercolor Queen and will show you clever ways to pair watercolor and stencils, so you can be dazzled with the beauty of transparent watercolors combined with batik-like resist images.


Studio Tour & Collage Techniques for All Ages

Ami is the owner of Handmakery art studio in Colorado. Her signature style of color, whimsy and embellishments will captivate both you and your students. Ami will share amazing collages that are designed to merge mixed-media into one captivating project.

Studio owners will love Ami's behind-the-scenes tour of her amazing studio.


Cultivating Craftsmanship 

Britt Curley is a PreK-12 art teacher living in Germany. She is a self-confessed detail-oriented teacher who loves showing children how to pay attention to the finishing touches.

She will show you how to get your  students to slow down, enjoy the art-making process and be eager to add the layered elements that make a complete work of art.


Mixed-Media Masterpieces using Simple Art Supplies

Founder of Deep Space Sparkle, the Sparklers Club and Art Made Easy.

Patty will reveal the techniques that made her convert to a colored pencil, marker and crayon fan. You'll LOVE the layering effect of these mixed-media projects.

Download Patty's sign-up BONUS Easy Flower Art Project.


Enrollment for Creative Juices has ended and is currently unavailable for registration.

This online art course is truly unique.

You'll experiment, play, record and journal your way through the program by creating your own Technique Toolkit. This sketchbook is your special take-away that will be used year after year for your reference.

Patty will guide you through the creation of the sketchbook as we watch the video presentations of the 8 guest art teachers.


  • LEARN how to make magic happen in the art room by seeing how art techniques specifically designed for children are actually taught.
  • EXPERIENCE how professional artists TEACH their craft to their students so that YOU can do the same.
  • CULTIVATE your own creative confidence by exploring what lights YOU up by doing the projects and creating teacher samples.
  • UNDERSTAND the exciting principals of teaching watercolor projects, printmaking techniques, drawing strategies, process art, and more.


Our downloadable workbook will be emailed to you. This workbook includes art supplies you will need, as well as a few techniques and get excited for what's to come.


Need PD Hours? Each attendee receives a PD Hour certificate for 10 PD hours. Please check with your local district to ensure compatibility.

Look At What Past Workshop Attendees Have To Say:

"Thanks Britt Curley for your presentation on the Draw, Paint, Make workshop. You had so many good tips. And I loved your project so much that I did it twice. It is taking me forever to get through the workshop, just on the second presentation. But have gotten so much from those two. Thank goodness we have a year to play with it!"

Deborah Anderson
Art Teacher

"Patty, this was another winner from the summer workshop! It took us three one hour sessions to finish. I really saw some amazing results. But, more importantly, the kids had fun, learned a lot, and loved their pieces. I even got a hug today. :) How had I never heard of construction paper crayons?! They are the bomb!What a great project! Thank you!"

Kristina Massey
Studio Owner

"Absolutely loved the workshop Patty Palmer and all of the wonderful artists that gave their time and secrets to share!!"

Lana Zimmermann
Art Teacher


  • Know how to identify how long a project might take when using the various art supplies
  • Have a workbook filled with art technique exercises that you can do with your students
  • Know what types of art supplies are best for each age group
  • Understand how to work with acrylics, watercolors & tempera paints
  • Be on your way to creating amazing projects of your own
  • Be so inspired you can’t wait to get back into the classroom!

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