A self-guided exploration of materials, techniques and projects that will inspire an environment of creativity and exploration.

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Creative Juices is a process of self-discovery.

We'll help you tap into what fuels you as an educator and show you the proven techniques, teaching tips and projects that will allow you to step into any art room with confidence!


However ART found YOU, this course will help the...

  • New or experienced art studio owners to find your studio's creative voice by practicing and tweaking kid-friendly art techniques honed by others in your field. 
  • The art teacher who is looking to expand their knowledge on materials, techniques, teaching practices and strategies. 
  • Teachers who are ready to dip their brushes back into pots of paints and start creating colorful, nuanced projects for your students.
  • The creative dreamer who wants to take the important first step into learning how to teach art to kids.

A SKETCHBOOK maps your journey...

As you watch our presenters deliver ways to make teaching art to children exciting, you’ll be guided through a sketchbook-making process that allows you to experiment, record and play with the techniques and projects. 

Your sketchbook will record your ideas and will serve as your technique toolkit for years to come.

It will offer you a place to record the techniques and create the projects you learned from the presenters using the materials you have on hand.


  • LEARN how to make magic happen in the art room by seeing how art techniques specifically designed for children are actually taught.
  • EXPERIENCE how professional artists TEACH their craft to their students so that YOU can do the same.
  • CULTIVATE your own creative confidence by exploring what lights YOU up by doing the projects and creating teacher samples.
  • UNDERSTAND the exciting principals of teaching watercolor projects, printmaking techniques, drawing strategies, process art, and more.

By the end of this course, you will have: 

  • Learned how to incorporate a variety of media from paint pens to gelli plates to acrylics to canvas into easy art projects that are guaranteed to engage your artists.
  • Created a Teacher Toolkit that illustrates, reflects and hi-lights processes for materials and techniques that will serve as your personal resource guide as you develop your project plans.
  • Discovered how to teach watercolors, portrait-making, print-making, drawing and painting through guided presentations from expert artists, studio owners and art teachers well known in their field. 
  • Fill your creative well so that you can walk into any art room setting, armed with unlimited possibilities and inspiration.
  • Discovered what lights you up as a teacher and how you want your art program to reflect your dreams, artistic voice and impact.






Creative Juices is an 8-Module Course that you can complete sequentially or jump around to a specific medium or technique...

Here's what you'll learn in each module...


Preparing your sketchbook for the Creative Juices journey begins with you. Together, we'll identify what lights you up as an art teacher, what you love to teach and the subjects that make you unique. We'll do this "art teacher" style by creating our own sketchbook pages with our unique style. 

Patty will walk you through how to set up your sketchbook so that you can move through the course and record information sequentially. 

You'll mix up your own sketchbook color swatches so that you can identify the colors that inspire and lift your mood. 

You'll gather the ingredients that reflect who you are as an artist (even if you don't believe you are one...yet!) so that your sketchbook is a reflection of you.





Are you familiar with a concertina? This is a fun name for a folded or accordion piece of art. They can sit up on a shelf or a table or fold down into a tiny book. 

They are treasures to keep and a gorgeous way for children to connect with who they are, what they enjoy and to explore life around them. 

Entrepreneur, artist and celebrated art teacher, Anna Battle from Shiny Happy Art shares how to set-up, teach and play with concertina's and how they are an absolute joy for children to make.

After Anna's tutorials, Patty walks you through various watercolor experiments and how watercolor paints differ.




You will explore creating layers through a powerful process of combining paint + assemblage. Ami demonstrates multiple techniques that will combine into one large canvas project.

 You will learn about abstraction through color exploration, staining, layering, texturing, printing, mark-making and embellishing

This process demonstrates beautifully how to teach the connection between art and artists so that students can cultivate their own artistic statement and focus on their own intuition. 

Ami demonstrates this multi-layered project on a large, primed canvas. This is a great project for studio owners or teachers who have an opportunity to extend a lesson over many art sessions.

After Ami's tutorials, Patty demonstrates various printing techniques and how to embed them into your sketchbook. 




Watercolors, especially the liquid variety, are an amazing medium to show children the magic contained in art techniques. There is nothing more powerful than when a child discovers how wax resist works or how salt can make a piece of paper look sparkly. But what about another common household ingredient like oil? 

Introduce an experimental and process-based art project with your students and watch engagement soar! There are SO many opportunities to expand these techniques into a variety of finished projects and we included TWO to get your creative juices flowing!

After Khadesia's tutorials, Patty walks you through additional experiments using your sketchbook.




Paint pens like Posca markers have become a popular media choice in many art studios and classrooms. Their ability to provide an opaque and sharp line over a paint substrate (background) allows kids to create intricate artwork. 

Unfortunately, they can be prohibited for many art classrooms. So is there an alternative that works just as well? Absolutely!

In this module, Patty will demonstrate what paint and chalk pens can do and why it’s worth the investment for your art program. 

This module demonstrates two complete projects plus suggestions for many more.




For children who love the details and accuracies of pencil drawings and the transparency of watercolor paints, watercolor pencils just might be their favorite medium. In this module, master artist and self-confessed craftsmanship-obsessed teacher, Britt Curley demonstrates the simplicity and overlooked benefits of using this medium.

You'll learn how to teach observation drawing and how to take full advantage of watercolor pencils by drawing a tropical bird along with Britt.

After Britt's demonstrations, Patty walks you through an exercise designed to understand how watercolor pencils work.




Printmaking is undeniably one of the most engaging art processes a child can experience. While the prep can be a bit daunting to the new art teacher, the experience and creative possibilities this technique offers children is worth the mess.

Heather Sparks, lesson development manager for The Sparklers' Club, walks you through a variety of ways you can use gelatin plates in your art room or studio art class. The possibilities are endless and once you get started, it's very hard to stop!

Heather demonstrates with both purchased Gelli Plates and home-made plates. Heather provides the recipe and video tutorial for making your own at a fraction of the cost.

Heather provides a fantastic art project that is perfect for any age group.

After the demonstration, Patty walks you through ways to document your experiments in your sketchbook.




As art educators, it’s exciting to explore art philosophies of art instructors and studio owners. It exposes possibilities in how children perceive art and what benefits they can experience from different teaching styles. 

In this module, Meri Cherry, a fabulously creative and inspiring process art studio owner from Los Angeles shares her process art passion with you so you can understand the verbiage and exploration that unstructured art time can offer children.

You'll be provided with a couple of options to craft a "wish sticks" collaborative project that expresses the hopes, dreams and gratitude of your students.

Meri shares her teaching philosophy and the verbiage she uses to encourage creativity and curiosity.

After Meri's tutorial, Patty shows you how to record Meri's philosophy into your sketchbook.




This is a special module that not only shares an exceptionally detailed process of portrait-making for children but how as educators, we have an opportunity to teach more than color and shape.

Paula Liz, an art teacher in Washington, DC, shares her passion for a deeper look into painting portraits.

Her module will provide you with the COMPLETE steps for creating a self-portrait collage plus a deep-dive into the nuances of mixing paint to create many skin colors. It will additionally demonstrate how self-portraits can serve as a springboard for critical conversations in the classroom. 

Paula Liz's objective for her students is that they will be able to acknowledge and embrace their differences while at the same time recognize instances when people have been mistreated due to their differences. 

After Paula Liz's tutorials, Patty will share how she documented the instructions into her sketchbook.

We love creating beautiful experiences for educators...

This workshop features video tutorials, handouts designed for students, services that make it easy to consume content like closed-captioning on all our videos, plus...


Our popular video tutorials are broken up into bite-sized sections so you can document your process in your sketchbook and create the project at the same time. Videos include close-captioning.


Download handouts and worksheets for each session. We'll give you a supply list, technique check-list, drawing guides (if applicable), project suggestions and ideas so you can take action straight away.


Teaching art doesn't have to be a lonely experience. Join our private Facebook group to meet other teachers PLUS  share your sketchbook process with other #creativejuices attendees.



Finding it hard to start? No worries. You'll have permanent access to the course for as long as it's a part of Deep Space Sparkle! The content is yours to revisit as often as you like for as long as you like.


We know that you are busy, so we do the work of creating handouts so you don't have to! Use the handouts and printables as a guide to jumpstart your own resources or use them as is!


Need PD Hours? Each attendee receives a PD Hour certificate for 25 PD hours upon completion of the course. Please check with your local district to ensure compatibility.

Look At What Past Course Attendees Have To Say:

"As a first year art teacher who had no formal training in art (I taught grades 3 & 5 for 7 years) this has been a lifesaver! It has given me confidence in exploring the materials in my classroom and in my own abilities to draw and create art."

Karen Graber Roth
First Year Art Teacher

"My expectations were super high. And they were exceeded! Sensational workshop and well worth the wait!"

Daniel Fromstein
K-8 Art Teacher

"Teaching art is something I do for fun; I am not formally trained...participating in this course not only provided a plethora of resources for me to have at the ready, but at this crazy, scary, stressful time we have all faced, it has provided me the much needed distraction of simply enjoying getting lost in creating each week at my kitchen table."

Delayna Goins
Art Teacher

Your registration includes:

  • A multi-part process lead by Patty Palmer on how to use a sketchbook to illuminate your strengths as an art teacher, studio owner or artsy parent. 
  • 8 Inspiring, technique-rich, full-length art tutorials from well known artists, art teachers and creative makers
  • Beautiful art worksheets for every session
  • Access to our private Facebook group to share projects and peeks of your sketchbook journey!
  • Every attendee receives an official PD hour certificate for 25 Clock Hours
  • Chat & connect with art teachers, classroom teachers, and studio owners from around the world
  • No travel costs!
  • Watch anytime...this course is yours to revisit as often as you like.


Join our private Creative Juices Facebook Group to dive deeper into the exploration of creativity.

Patty will walk you through exercises to kick-start your creativity through your sketchbook, share insights into the weekly modules and is available to answer all of your questions!

Stay focused and committed on your path to discovering your art program vision.

Recordings are available inside the Creative Juices website. 

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Plus, you'll be backed by our Guarantee

Creative Juices will show you different interpretations of art techniques, strategies and supplies designed for children. We bring in the best art teachers in the field, people that we believe will inspire you. Our goal is to help provide you with a solid foundation and understanding on how to teach art to kids.
If you decide you don’t 100% love our art philosophy we'll refund your enrollment fee.
You’ll have 48 hrs to opt out of the course.

I can't wait to guide you through your sketchbook journey...

The process of creating my own sketchbook solidified who I was --and who I wasn't. It awoken my creative spirit in ways I haven't felt since I was a young girl.

I play more, create more and think better thoughts. 

Creativity is a gift.

If you feel you have lost your way this year, I invite you to join me and together we'll light the creative fires! 

I look forward to personally welcoming you inside Creative Juices!

~ Patty Palmer, Founder of Deep Space Sparkle

We've got answers for your FAQs

When does Creative Juices begin and how does it work?

You'll have access to Creative Juices from the moment that you purchase the course. You can watch the WELCOME module, prepare your supplies, get started on your sketchbook and start playing with a few techniques.
All the Modules 1-8 will be released inside the portal website.

To help with your progress, you have the option of watching Patty's pre-recorded live sessions on Facebook and in the Support Module to ask questions and work on your sketchbook through additional prompts. 

Can't make the live sessions or get started until later? 

No problem. Your registration offers lifetime access which allows you to go through the modules at a pace that works for you.

I'm a studio owner. Can I use these lessons and techniques in my business?

Yes! This course is designed to help you explore ways to teach art techniques to your students. While you may use the lessons and projects as presented, by working through the process of each project will offer you insight into HOW you can use the techniques in multiple project possibilities. 
In the end, this is the work that will help you identify what your studio is about and what art philosophy you wish to share.

Note: we ask that if you use the project exactly as presented, you kindly offer attribution to the teacher who created the lesson.

Can I share this course with other teachers or my friends?

No, thank you for asking. Your registration offers a single user license to participate in the course, an invitation to the private Facebook group and the license to use the materials.

What age group is this for and can I show the lessons to my students?

Creative Juices is an online course designed to help YOU, the art teacher, studio owner or parent learn art techniques and teaching strategies so that you can use them in your art program.
This course focuses on art techniques to teach children ages 5-13.
The course is not designed to be watched or consumed by students.

How do I know if my State accepts PD hours from this course?

Most school districts in the United States accepts Deep Space Sparkle for professional development hours.
Please contact your school official for confirmation.
Professional Development certificates.
Washington State officially approved this course for 16.5 Clock Hours. (This is based on the video session length and no extra work).
Need help? Please contact [email protected]


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