Don your apron, grab your's time to give yourself a much needed creative break after an exhausting year!

Learn to teach watercolor techniques to kids, gain professional development hours and fall back in love with art again.


Get a glimpse inside Wild for Watercolor


You might not be feeling very creative right now. 

Several months of dealing with classroom management and logistics are enough to leave even the most experienced art teacher burned out.

But can I share a quick message with you, teacher to teacher?

You got into this profession because you love teaching art and understand how important it is in a child's development. 

Let's bring you back to why you began teaching in the first place – igniting that artistic energy in children. 

Today Team Sparkle is giving you permission to have fun.

We know that many PD courses don't provide the hands-on opportunity to experiment and lose yourself in learning, and if you're anything like me, you retain less by passive and more through ACTIVE learning.

If you're ready to add more techniques to your toolkit, connect with yourself and your art again, and become a more creative, educated, and inspired artist and teacher this year…

I invite you to come and join us inside -

A  journey through 26+ art techniques designed to take you from novice to advanced watercolorist, earn PD hours, and help you teach art to children.

Perfect for those who have never tried watercolor before, don’t feel that their students are ready, or have recently changed from regular ed to being an art teacher.

"As a first year art teacher who had no formal training in art (I taught grades 3 & 5 for 7 years) this has been a lifesaver! It has given me confidence in exploring the materials in my classroom and in my own abilities to draw and create art."

Karen Roth
Art teacher, 2021 summer participant

"I feel like this course has been a hug. I am looking forward to savoring the entire course, and I want to envelop myself in the positive, upbuilding association. I wish I could just give all the presenters, especially Patty, a real hug! Thank you for lifting me up out of a heap of art supplies and confusion and giving me a map to follow!"

Lisa Oliver
2021 summer workshop participant

Creative dreamers, teachers, new or experienced art studio owners - discover how we’ll awaken your creativity with watercolor projects this summer.

Your SEVEN technique-rich modules include:


MODULE 1: Beginner Basics

MODULE 2: Merging Drawings with Watercolor

MODULE 3: Paint without Paint

MODULE 4: Experimental Textures

MODULE 5: Glazing & Layering with Watercolors

MODULE 6: Advanced Watercolor Techniques

BONUS MODULE 7: Creating & Assembling the Rainforest Mural

Plus, an invitation to our private Facebook community.

These vibrant resources are standards-rich and designed around what really works for kids aged 5-15.

Take a sneak-peek preview inside the modules


Watercolor Resources In One Place!

Your Wild For Watercolor course registration includes lifetime access to beautiful art worksheets for every session, full-length art tutorials from well-known artists, art teachers and creative makers – plus, these seven technique-rich modules…

Welcome Module 

It’s time to get excited about our journey together! 

Come inside the virtual Sparkler’s classroom and watch as our presenters demonstrate ways to engage children, and feel inspired to start exploring new techniques and projects in the art room.

 A SKETCHBOOK maps your journey…

As a tangible representation of your work, Patty will guide you through a multi-part sketchbook-making process in the Welcome Module.
The sketchbook serves as your creative toolkit to record watercolor techniques and act as a visual reference throughout the upcoming school year – and beyond.

A COLOR WHEEL begins your exploration...

Create art from a child’s perspective. Our color wheel exercises allow you to play and begin experimenting with watercolors so that you understand how to teach color theory to children of varying age levels.

Apply your skills and:

  • Learn about warm and cool colors
  • Experiment painting with your non-dominant hand (and re-discover what it’s like holding a paintbrush as a five-year-old)
  • Paint two types of color wheels to fit perfectly inside your sketchbook
  • Test various watercolor paints

 Bring the Amazon Rainforest into the Classroom -

Module 1: Beginner Basics

Featuring a Snapping Caiman Alligator and Sweet Sloth 

New to teaching art or a bit nervous about introducing watercolors to your students? No problem!

In this module, Mabre walks you through introductory watercolor techniques that create a rock-solid foundation for students and teachers alike. With simple, demonstrated instructions, you’ll be able to instruct children of all ages to start watercolor painting with ease while also feeling confident in the art concepts you’re teaching.

By the end of this module, you’ll put the pop back into your paint as you discover how to:

  • Use watercolor materials and techniques laying a foundation to build on
  • Experiment with “watercolor resist” methods using crayons and oil pastels
  • Practice with wet-on-wet techniques on different papers

Module 2: Merging Drawings with Watercolor Techniques

Featuring a Colorful Macaw and Scuttline Beetle 

As art teachers, we often witness young artists struggling to add watercolors to their artwork - and today, we're going to solve that problem. 

In this module, we'll dive into easy-to-implement watercolor techniques with more detailed and nuanced drawings that will curb the overwhelm your young artists experience – so they'll feel accomplished, excited, and engaged throughout their lesson.

By the end of this module, you'll have a brand new set of skills to bring into the art room this fall. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Create an elevated experience for children by incorporating watercolors into their drawings
  • Add a wax resist wall to drawings 
  • Teach children the beauty of watercolors by learning how they blend and mingle 
  • Use all of the concepts taught to draw a simple macaw and Amazon beetle that can be used for both younger and older students

 Module 3: Paint without Paint | Water-soluble Materials

Featuring a Tropical Toucan and Fiery Flamingo 

No sink? Limited room for prep? That’s okay! 

In this module, Catherine demonstrates  simple strategies for creating texture and watercolor paintings using non-paint materials.

By the end of this module, you’ll be one step closer to unleashing your creativity. You’ll: 

  • Learn how to color, blend and dilute water-soluble gel sticks, oil pastels, or crayons to create texture
  • Understand how to use gel sticks on watercolor paper and sulphite paper to create colorful, vibrant, and simple paintings
  • Discover how to apply water-soluble gel sticks on foam sheets in an easy way that allows you to incorporate printmaking in your art room without the mess of traditional printmaking materials
  • Use blending techniques with watercolor markers and crayons to create soft, buttery colors

Module 4: Experimental Textures

Featuring a Slimy, warty frog and the vibrant, waxy Rainforest leaf 

No idea how to jazz up watercolor projects? Wondering where to start? No worries! 

Heather leads you through five ways to use everyday household materials to create experimental textures to liven up any watercolor creation! Feel like a kid again as you play with different materials to add textures to make tropical plants (and crawly critters!) more fun.

You’ll be surprised to discover how creating these cool textures will engage even the most reluctant artist.

By the end of this module, you’ll discover that there are limitless possibilities when painting with watercolor. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Use plastic wrap textured paper to create a monstera leaf
  • Use your textured paper to create simple frogs, symmetrical butterflies, and a colorful chameleon
  • Plan and come up with ideas that excite your students and follow an academically-aligned curriculum

Module 5: Glazing & Layering with Watercolors

Featuring a Beautiful Spotted Jaguar 

As a busy art teacher, would you like to spend your weekends relaxing, instead of lesson planning? We hope you say yes!

Heather walks you through the techniques that build on the developmental skills of watercolor.  You'll dive deeper into what you’ve learned in the previous lessons and explore layering techniques that use colors, textures, gouache, and even bubble wrap. 

By the end of this module, you’ll understand how to elevate your artwork and also:

  • Learn how to layer wet watercolors over dry watercolors and add luminosity that can only be achieved with watercolors
  • Discover how the wetness of the paintbrush creates varied textures depending on what you want your finished art to look like
  • Show your students how to use elements and principles of art through watercolor art
  • Take all of the techniques you’ve learned and put them together to create a jazzy jaguar painting 

Module 6: Advanced Watercolor Techniques

Featuring a Golden Shield Lichen, colorful mushroom, and florid fungi 

Once your students understand the basics of watercolor techniques, introducing nuances and tricks makes painting with watercolor even more fun and immersive! 

In this module, Patty will share her favorite mixing paints plus a simple exercise for teaching children the power of light and heavy touch with brushes. She’ll demonstrate how to prevent unwanted mingling and how to lift color to create light patches in your work of art.

By the end of this module, you’ll be one step closer to an art room filled with detailed, creative projects illustrated by your budding artists. You’ll also:

  • Utilize wet-on-dry techniques to create depth of color
  • Make use of watercolor pencils to create details 
  • Paint a gradient of sky colors and use tissue to lift the colors and create clouds
  • Apply watercolor paints to create contrast and value in mushrooms, Golden Shield Lichen, and fungi paintings

A Beyond-the-Wild SURPRISE 

Module 7: Collaborative Rainforest Mural

Featuring an Amazon Rainforest Mural Project 

You’ve learned new watercolor techniques throughout this entire course, but how do you apply them to the classroom and put it together to create something beautiful?

Get up close and personal with Team Sparkle and the cast of characters in our Amazon Rainforest Mural project! We’re sharing our best tips for teaching watercolor to children curated from our collective years of experience so that you confidently navigate any watercolor challenge.

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to tap into everything you’ve learned in the previous lessons, plus:

  • Navigate effortlessly through each stage of the mural-making process
  • Empower your students so they can collaborate with their peers to create a fantastic work of art
  • Gain a variety of content-rich lessons that you can adapt to any art room or studio
  • Walk away feeling more confident in teaching art to your students

We love creating beautiful experiences for educators...

This workshop features video tutorials, handouts designed for students, services that make it easy to consume content like closed-captioning on all our videos, plus...


Our popular video tutorials are broken up into bite-sized sections so you can document your process in your sketchbook and create the project at the same time. 


Download handouts and worksheets for each session. We'll give you a supply list, technique check-list, drawing guides (if applicable), project suggestions and ideas so you can take action straight away.


Teaching art doesn't have to be a lonely experience. Connect with other #wildforwatercolor attendees in our private Facebook group.


Finding it hard to start? No worries. You'll have permanent access to the course for as long as it's a part of Deep Space Sparkle! The content is yours to revisit as often as you like for as long as you like.


The printable workbook allows you to get started on gathering up your art supplies and get excited for what's to come.


Need PD Hours? Each attendee receives a PD Hour certificate for 15 PD hours. Please check with your local district to ensure compatibility.


Plus, you’ll be backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Wild For Watercolor presents a variety of art techniques, strategies, and supplies designed specifically for children. We bring in the best art teachers in the field, people that we believe will inspire you. Our goal is to help provide you with a solid foundation and understanding of how to teach art to kids.

If you decide you don’t 100% love our art philosophy, we’ll refund your enrollment fee. You’ll have 48 hours to opt-out of the course.


Here’s your path to creating beautiful + engaging art both at home and school.

Wild For Watercolor includes all of this and more…


Plus, with LIFETIME access to guided course presentations, a supportive Facebook group, and your teacher toolkit, the creative possibilities are endless!

Tend to work intuitively? Allow this course to free up new ideas!

"Team Sparkle, this is a fantastic course format - all the info is so easy to access (even for a tech dinosaur like me) and how awesome we have continued access. There are so many great lessons in this process - about intuition, experimenting, risk-taking, letting's wonderful. Follow the process and see where you will end up!"

Nancy Smith
Art teacher, 2021 summer participant.

Discover a community of teachers and artists, and stay focused and committed on your path to discovering your art program vision.

As you move through our seven modules, you’ll create unique technique samples with the Deep Space Sparkle creative team and place them in your technique toolkit

Features video tutorials, handouts designed for students, services that make it easy to consume content like closed-captioning on all our videos, plus…

It’s a perfect combination that will leave you with ample knowledge to take your art program to new levels, a teacher technique toolkit to reference, and a collaborative project that will make your students wild for watercolor!

Say no more. I’m ready to get Wild For Watercolor! BUY NOW

Over 27 Watercolor Techniques explored, plus….

🟡 Creating “walls” and other watercolor techniques so that the wee ones can paint like a pro

🟡 Painting on sulphite or watercolor paper and understanding the difference

🟡 Substituting water-soluble art materials when working from a cart or on the road

🟡 Sketchbook techniques to craft a one-of-a-kind sketchbook journal 

🟡 Printmaking techniques using watercolors

🟡 Best Practices Conversations with the Deep Space Sparkle creative team!

"Teaching art is something I do for fun; I am not formally trained...participating in this course not only provided a plethora of resources for me to have at the ready, but at this crazy, scary, stressful time we have all faced, it has provided me the much needed distraction of simply enjoying getting lost in creating each week at my kitchen table."

Delayna Goins
2021 summer workshop participant.
Say no more. I’m ready to get Wild For Watercolor! BUY NOW

Ask questions inside our private Facebook group and gain an inspiring community you can return to again and again.

Experience painterly bliss in a self-paced course.

Our courses won't disappoint.

Here's how others filled their creative well and found unlimited possibilities and inspiration:

"I love that it can be self-paced. The fact that you’re never really behind when life throws us curveballs. You can go through the course at our own pace without feeling stressed. That's so very valuable. It keeps the joy in every step."

Anna Haglund
2021 summer workshop participant

"Thank you so much for creating this course. I needed it so much. It has really invigorated me and my excitement is spilling into my lessons with students. We are having such a good time exploring and creating! It is exactly what we all needed. I am so grateful. ❤️"

Heather Paquette
Art teacher, 2021 summer workshop participant.

"I am impressed how Patty is always calming fears and encouraging people to do their own thing. The course has been really exciting and inspiring. I have enjoyed every lesson and presenter. This format is great. I have especially loved the sketchbook portion."

Ann Smith
Retired Art Teacher/Volunteer, 2021 summer workshop participant

"Thank you Patty for this. It was exactly what my heart needed! I found it very soothing and healing."

Jamie Lloyd
2021 summer workshop participant.

"Patty has given me the confidence to create my own art lessons and my own art program."

Stephanie Cox
Studio owner, 2021 summer participant

"I knew this course was going to be great but oh wow it was even better than I could have imagined. I have learned so much and two of the most impactful things have been, learning how students might feel when I am teaching them something unfamiliar and how incredible it can be trying new techniques and types of art."

Saji Fazal-Chagpar
2021 summer workshop participant.

We've got answers for your FAQs

When does Wild for Watercolor begin and how does it work?

When you purchase Wild For Watercolor, you'll have access to it right away. Begin by watching the WELCOME module, preparing your supplies, getting started on your sketchbook, and start playing with a few techniques.

Modules 1 through 7 will be available on the portal website. You'll have lifetime access to this course and can go through each module at your own pace.

Can I share this course with other teachers or my friends?

No. Thank you for asking. Your registration offers a single user license to participate in the course, an invitation to the private Facebook group, and the license to use the materials. Our copyright content is only available for paid registrants.


What age group is this for and can I show the lessons to my students?

Wild For Watercolor is an online workshop designed to help YOU, the art teacher, studio owner, or parent to learn art techniques and teaching strategies so that you can use them in your own personal art program. This workshop focuses on art techniques to teach children ages 5-15. The course is not designed to be watched or consumed by students.

I’m a studio owner. Can I use these lessons and techniques in my business?

Yes! This course is designed to help you explore ways to teach art techniques to your students. While you may use the lessons and projects the way they are presented, by working through the process of each project you will gain insight into HOW the techniques can be applied to multiple projects.

In the end, the work you do during this workshop will help you identify what your studio is about and what art philosophy you wish to share.

Note: we ask that if you use the project exactly as presented, you kindly offer attribution to the teacher who created the lesson.

How do I know if my State accepts PD hours from this course?

Deep Space Sparkle is accepted for professional development hours by most school districts in the United States. Please contact your school official for confirmation.



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