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  • Your students rush through their art projects just to get to free choice
  • Lessons you have always done just don’t seem exciting anymore
  • You see one beautiful project after another on Instagram and wonder how it was made
  • You feel as though you don't have the time, money or supplies to dive deep into art techniques

Do I hear a heck, yeah?  How does a technique make-over sound?


  • Knowing that even with a small inventory of art supplies, you can make magic happen in the art room
  • Seeing your students so inspired by your projects they’re too excited to talk!
  • Having the confidence, knowing you can deliver a project that inspires imagination and creativity

YOU can engage kids just through simple techniques & project enhancements...

Hello There!

I'm Patty Palmer, founder of Deep Space Sparkle and The Sparklers' Club.

I know all too well the frustrations that come with teaching art. At some point in our art teaching careers, we all fall into the same project rut: wax resist, marker drawings, a few paper projects and then….boom. We’re bored.

And when we're bored, our students are too.

The desire to introduce new mediums, techniques and projects may seem like a waste of time. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

That's why I am hosting “Draw, Paint, Make” a one-day workshop dedicated to help art teachers like you snap out of the comfort zones and take a look at a few fresh ways to color with crayons, present printmaking, refine watercolors and jazz up your art room with vibrant paints.

This workshop was created out of my own teaching experience and working with art teachers just like you for the past 10 years.

What I realized was this:
Teaching art is an evolving process and rewards those who fill their own creative well. When you inspire your students with your passion, you quickly build their trust and interest.


  • Show you how to incorporate a variety of media, from crayons to brayers to markers to acrylics into easy art projects
  • Teach you how to hack basic art supplies to achieve amazing results.
  • Reveal the secret tips behind the stunning projects you see from your favorite teachers
  • Inspire & teach you to create amazing projects of your own
  • Help you define YOUR art space for maximum inspiration


This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to enrich their understanding of the art supplies, techniques and projects that kids ages 5-15 will LOVE.

K-8 Art teachers

Studio owners


Classroom teachers


Let's put the POP back into your paint. Let's take a closer look at what's included.

This workshop will offer fresh new takes on teaching kids to draw, paint & make creative projects.


Watch as our guest teachers show you how to teach a specific art technique, use mediums in different ways and apply it to projects. You'll have the opportunity to comment during the session and ask questions after the session is over.


Download handouts and worksheets for each session. We'll give you a supply list, technique check-list, drawing guides (if applicable), project suggestions and ideas so you can take action straight away.


Teaching art doesn't have to be a lonely experience. Chat with Patty during our two LIVE Q & A sessions and connect with other #drawpaintmake attendees in our private group.


Can't make it LIVE? No worries. You'll have access to the workshop, resources guides and videos for an entire year!


Our downloadable workbook will be emailed to you before the event so you can get started on gathering up your art supplies, practicing a few techniques and get excited for what's to come.


Need PD Hours? Each attendee receives a PD Hour certificate for 8 PD hours. Please check with your local district to ensure compatibility.


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Pop over to the workshop portal where you can access your bonuses! Watch our presenters share their favorite art supplies, download a free lesson and watch a technique video from Laura Lohmann!

Look At What Past Workshop Attendees Have To Say:

"As a classroom teacher I've been attempting to integrate art into the classroom, but your workshop gave me the confidence and guidance that I needed to continue providing art lessons for my six and seven year old students. Thank you! I'm looking forward to the next workshop."

Classroom Teacher

"This was a truly heartwarming experience for me on many different levels! So thrilled I was able to attend and to learn, create, and be inspired by my fellow teachers, you, and the guest speakers. Thanks for all you do to support us!"

Art Teacher

"Aww thank you Patty and your team for truly inspiring me. I truly enjoyed every minute of being part of the Deep Space Sparkle Workshop. From great food,new friendships and most of all fabulous art. I could not have spent a better 3 days."

Independent Art Teacher

Grab a lemonade, find a quiet spot for your laptop, gather your art supplies and create with us....

Your online ticket includes:

  • Inspiring, technique-rich, full-length art tutorials videos from well known artists, art teachers and creative makers
  • Learn how to engage children through creative and engaging art processes.
  • Massive Workshop Action Guide filled with worksheets and take-aways 
  • Beautiful art worksheets for every session
  • Live Q & A session with Patty
  • Giveaways and prizes throughout the day
  • Every attendee receives an official PD hour certificate for 8 Clock Hours
  • Chat & connect with art teachers, classroom teachers, and studio owners from around the world
  • No travel costs!
  • Watch LIVE or watch LATER for an entire year.


Don’t worry, your digital ticket gives you access to the event for an entire year after the live event, so you can watch it at any time on your own schedule!

SATURDAY, JULY 7TH 8AM-4PM (pacific Time)

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Hands-on art training featuring your favorite art teachers, artists and makers. Our line-up of teachers offer the BEST and most ENGAGING art techniques to rejuvenate your art program....and they're revealing ALL their secrets.


Cultivating Craftsmanship 

Britt Curley is a PreK-12 art teacher living in Germany. She is a self-confessed detail-oriented teacher who loves showing children how to pay attention to the finishing touches.

She will show you how to get your  students to slow down, enjoy the art-making process and be eager to add the layered elements that make a complete work of art.


Tempera, Tints & Textures: The Layers of a Landscape

Founder of Painted Paper Art, color whiz and art teacher extraordinaire, Laura will show you how to make your painting projects POP with special tricks for tempera paints and chalk pastels.

These tips are guaranteed to eliminate boredom in the art room.


Creative Classroom Management Strategies for the Art Teacher

Pittsburg art teacher and Instagram lover (artwithmrs.e), Kaitlyn will share her secrets on how she transforms her art room into a colorful, gentle space that inspires children to be their creative best.


Shiny, Happy Acrylic Art Tips for Kids

Anna loves teaching adults and kids how to use acrylic paints in her Australian art studio, Shiny Happy Art.

Anna's bright paintings are equally as inspiring to adults as kids. She is the author of the book, Painting Party.


A Summer Splendor: Watercolor Exploration in Stencils and Silhouettes

Gina is the Watercolor Queen and will show you clever ways to pair watercolor and stencils, so you can be dazzled with the beauty of transparent watercolors combined with batik-like resist images.


Collage techniques for All Ages

Ami is the owner of Handmakery art studio in Colorado. Her signature style of color, whimsy and embellishments will captivate both you and your students. Ami will share amazing collage strategies that she uses with multiple age groups. As an added bonus, Ami shares a peek inside her studio!


Mixed-Media Masterpieces using Simple Art Supplies

Founder of Deep Space Sparkle, the Sparklers Club and Art Made Easy.

Patty will reveal the techniques that made her convert to a colored pencil, marker and crayon fan. You'll LOVE the layering effect of these mixed-media projects.


A whole day to explore art mediums and learn from some of the best teachers in the biz.

Saturday, July 7th from 8am-4pm PST


  • Know how to identify how long a project might take when using the various art supplies
  • Have a workbook filled with art technique exercises that you can do with your students
  • Know what types of art supplies are best for each age group
  • Understand how to work with acrylics, watercolors & tempera paints
  • Be on your way to creating amazing projects of your own
  • Be so inspired you can’t wait for summer to end!


* Are you a Sparkler? Check inside The Sparklers’ Club for a link to special pricing! *

How Does It Work?

Meet Patty

Patty, a former elementary art teacher in Goleta, California is the proud founder of Deep Space Sparkle, author of Draw, Paint, Sparkle: 25 Creative Projects from an Elementary Art Teacher (Roost Books, Aug 2018) and host of the popular podcast, Art Made Easy. Patty has conducted in-person workshops for art teachers in Santa Barbara, California for the past three years. 

Patty and Team Sparkle is dedicated to providing educational events to help motivate, encourage and inspire art teachers to be their creative best.

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