Learn how to master cool ART TECHNIQUES & MATERIALS to engage and delight your students!

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Do the art techniques that you teach feel a bit stale?

Do you often wonder what type of paints or paper are used in a project that you see on Pinterest?

Do you wish you could create projects that WOW but settle on the same crayon project because it feels safe?

Are you curious how to teach a form-based projects to a large group of kids?

Do you feel like every time you use liquid tempera paints, your students complain how it ruins their art?

You're not alone!

Many art teachers with years of experience wonder the same thing.


What if I told you that it’s possible to engage kids with NEW and EXCITING techniques even if your art supply budget is tiny?


  •  to make magic happen in the art room using basic art supplies that won't break the bank
  • to create projects so engaging that your students won't want to stop creating
  • to gain confidence knowing you can teach a project that ignites imagination and exploration for every child


  • Show you how to incorporate a variety of media, from crayons to watercolors to markers to acrylics into easy art projects
  • Teach you how to hack basic art supplies to achieve amazing results.
  • Reveal the secret tips behind the stunning projects you see from your favorite teachers
  • Inspire & teach you to create amazing projects of your own
  • Help you define YOUR art space for maximum inspiration

This workshop is structured to be the best way for you to practice techniques and work with supplies so that you can step into your art room with knowledge and confidence.

Let's put the POP back into your paint!

Let's take a closer look at what's included....


Watch as our guest teachers show you how to teach a specific art technique, use mediums in different ways and apply it to projects. You'll have the opportunity to comment during the session and ask questions after the session is over.


Download handouts and worksheets for each session. We'll give you a supply list, technique check-list, drawing guides (if applicable), project suggestions and ideas so you can take action straight away.


Lifetime access to the workshop, resources guides and videos.


Our downloadable workbook will be emailed to you before the event so you can get started on gathering up your art supplies, practicing a few techniques and get excited for what's to come.


Need PD Hours? Each attendee receives a PD Hour certificate for 10 PD hours. Please check with your local district to ensure compatibility.

Ready to Create & Be Inspired?





Look At What Past Workshop Attendees Have To Say:

"I love all the different personalities of the presenters. As a first year teacher, it's great to see their different approaches...the glitter fairy's whimsy is contagious and Anna's simple approach and mellowness just makes me want to start painting!"

Kristy Angus
K-5 Art Teacher

"Patty, this was another winner from the summer workshop! It took us three one hour sessions to finish. I really saw some amazing results. But, more importantly, the kids had fun, learned a lot, and loved their pieces. I even got a hug today. :) How had I never heard of construction paper crayons?! They are the bomb!What a great project! Thank you!"

Kristina Massey
Studio Owner

"Absolutely loved the workshop Patty Palmer and all of the wonderful artists that gave their time and secrets to share!!"

Lana Zimmermann
Art Teacher


  • Inspiring, technique-rich, full-length art tutorials videos from well known artists, art teachers and creative makers
  • Instructions on how to engage children through creative and engaging art processes.
  • Massive Workshop Action Guide filled with worksheets and take-aways 
  • Beautiful art worksheets for every session
  • Every attendee receives an official PD hour certificate for 10 Clock Hours
  • No travel costs!
  • Lifetime access


Hands-on art training featuring your favorite art teachers, artists and makers. Our line-up of teachers offer the BEST and most ENGAGING art techniques to rejuvenate your art program....and they're revealing ALL their secrets.

Emily Gould is a K-12th grade art teacher from Maryland who works at three schools. She’ll explore the infinite possibilities of using joint compound to add texture to artwork. This non-traditional art medium is economical for classroom use.

You’ll create exciting sculptural art with life-like textures. Emily will demonstrate how to use this inexpensive medium through Wayne Thiebaud Sculpted Dessert, 3-D Self-Portraits, Textural Tropical Birds and Sunflowers in the style of Van Gogh. 

Anna LOVES painting with acrylics, and shares her love globally - through her business, Shiny Happy Art, and her Paint Along of the Month Club.

Come and paint flowers with Anna, as she shares her advice on the different approaches required by different types of acrylic paints.

Anna's project follows a no-fail technique strategy that can be used with any age group.

It’s “learning by doing” with fabulous results!

With over $150,000 earned in five years, Krista Hilmen knows how to put on an Art Auction to raise funds for her art program. From an event that brought the docent program to a weekly funded art program, her art shows not only raise funds but bring about community in her school.

Learn how she accomplished this by using inexpensive collaborative projects, community donations and how you can start small and bring in funds for your art program regardless of its size.  


Founder of DEEP SPACE SPARKLE, The Sparkler's Club and host of the Art Made Easy podcast.

Patty will reveal the techniques that make her a life-long fan of watercolors. 
You'll create individual components to an under-the-sea collage that explores multiple watercolor techniques. 

Britt will present one of her favorite mediums; gouache and will demonstrate how it beautifully pairs with dry media. Britt will show a few gouache techniques to introduce its’ qualities and possibilities.

She will then demonstrate some projects where gouache is paired with colored pencil, pen and graphite for a crisp, refined and detailed finish.


Experiment along with Sarah Krajewski (@artroomglitterfairy) using black ink, liquid watercolors, tempera paint, CelluClay (or model magic!), and of course, glitter!

Combining painted paper and air dry clay can produce beautiful 3D collage relief results. Sarah will also give you a few tips about how you can make your projects glow using black lights and neon art materials


Ami is the owner of Handmakery art studio in Colorado. Her signature style of color, whimsy and embellishments will captivate both you and your students. 

Ami will show you a multi-step approach to creating a project suitable for multiple art sessions perfect for art studio owners.

The Dreamy Desert Cactus Collage demonstrates warm and cool color techniques, cardboard creations, and layering strategies. 


We've got answers for your FAQs

When does Art Mixology begin and how does it work?

You'll have access to Art Mixology from the moment that you purchase the workshop. Watch the WELCOME module, prepare your supplies, and get started on watching the videos and creating your own art projects.

Art Mixology Usage Policy

  • Your registration fee offers a single user license to participate in the course and the license to use the materials from the presenters.
  • Feel free to use the resources and techniques from this workshop in your home art class, with your children or students, in your art room or in an art studio.
  • Please credit the artist/presenter when posting about the projects in any social media setting.

  • Please do not sell or distribute any of the contents of this workshop as part of any paid training, program, membership, or course. 

Meet Patty

Patty, a former elementary art teacher in Goleta, California is the proud founder of Deep Space Sparkle, author of Draw, Paint, Sparkle: 25 Creative Projects from an Elementary Art Teacher and host of the popular podcast, Art Made Easy, and has conducted in-person workshops for art teachers in Santa Barbara, California for the past three years. 

Patty and Team Sparkle is dedicated to providing educational events to help motivate, encourage and inspire art teachers to be their creative best.


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