Saturday, July 11th 8am-4pm (PT)

Get ready to LEARN unique art techniques and EXPLORE new materials alongside 6 art teacher who are dedicated to making art fun, exciting and engaging.

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One of the BEST ways I know to ignite creativity and craftsmanship in your students is to get your own creative juices flowing. 

It's TRUE!

When you fuel your imagination, learn techniques, and see how other art teachers teach their craft, YOU soak up creative energy.

This is the energy you need to sparkle & shine your way through another school year no matter how your school year looks.


  • LEARN how to make magic happen in the art room by exploring new art techniques and using supplies that everyone is talking about.
  • EXPERIENCE how professional artists TEACH their craft to their students so that YOU can do the same.
  • GAIN confidence by practicing and asking questions. We're here for you!

Hello there!

I'm Patty Palmer and it's my honor to introduce you to 5 women who will absolutely transform how you teach art.

As a former art teacher at 3 elementary schools, I know all too well just how burnt out we can get. Especially right now. 

Teaching art is NOT easy in typical year, but throw in distance learning and the challenges get amplified real fast!

These ladies have ALL embraced distance learning -- from their art studios, inside their virtual classrooms, and even behind the scenes at Deep Space Sparkle.

This workshop is all about showing you what possible within a virtual learning you can share exciting techniques and introduce new mediums through video. As you learn, create, paint, draw and are learning just as your students will. 

So join us...get inspired...fill your creative well and bottle it up to deliver to your students this new school year.



  • Show you how to incorporate a variety of media from paint pens to gelli plates to acrylics to canvas into easy art projects
  • The presenters will walk you through techniques and projects STEP-BY-STEP. You can follow along, take notes in your workbook and return to the presentations whenever you need a dose on inspiration.
  • The Presenter Notes and Workbook are designed to help you retain the tips and instruction so that you don't have tp rewatch the videos -- but you can if you want!
  • The videos are FULL LENGTH teaching videos - not summaries of bite-sized mortals of hacks or tips. You'll be immersed in the HOW & WHY of successful techniques.

This workshop is structured to be the best way for you practice techniques and work with supplies so that you can step into your art room with knowledge and confidence.

Let's put the POP back into your paint. Let's take a closer look at what's included.

This workshop will offer fresh new takes on teaching kids to draw, paint & make creative projects.


Watch as our guest teachers show you how to teach a specific art technique, use mediums in different ways and apply it to projects. You'll have the opportunity to comment during the session and ask questions after the session is over.


Download handouts and worksheets for each session. We'll give you a supply list, technique check-list, drawing guides (if applicable), project suggestions and ideas so you can take action straight away.


Teaching art doesn't have to be a lonely experience. Chat with Patty during our two LIVE Q & A sessions and share your results with other #creativejuices attendees through social media.



Can't make it LIVE? No worries. You'll have access to the workshop, resources guides and videos for an entire year!


Our downloadable workbook will be available in the workshop portal before the event so you can get started on gathering up your art supplies, practicing a few techniques and get excited for what's to come.


Need PD Hours? Each attendee receives a PD Hour certificate for 8 PD hours. Please check with your local district to ensure compatibility.



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Look At What Past Workshop Attendees Have To Say:

"Thanks Britt Curley for your presentation on the Draw, Paint, Make workshop. You had so many good tips. And I loved your project so much that I did it twice. "

Deborah Anderson
Art Teacher

"Thank you for the wonderful PD!My favorite of the year! Yours is always the best. I enjoyed it all and plan to add the techniques and lessons into my teaching."

Layna Jones
Art Teacher

Grab a cool drink, find a quiet spot, gather your art supplies and create with us....

Your online ticket includes:

  • 7 Inspiring, technique-rich, full-length art tutorials videos from well known artists, art teachers and creative makers
  • Massive Workshop Action Guide filled with worksheets and take-aways 
  • Beautiful art worksheets for every session
  • Live Q & A session with Patty
  • Every attendee receives an official PD hour certificate for 8 Clock Hours
  • Chat & connect with art teachers, classroom teachers, and studio owners from around the world
  • No travel costs!
  • Watch LIVE or watch LATER anytime.


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Hands-on art training featuring your favorite art teachers, artists and makers. Our line-up of teachers offer the BEST and most ENGAGING art techniques to rejuvenate your art program....and they're revealing ALL their secrets.

Collaborative Nature-Inspired Wall Hanging

Meri is the founder of Meri Cherry Art Studio, a Process Art Studio  in Los Angeles, California. She is the Queen of Process Art and developing curiosity in little humans.

Her project, Collaborative Nature Wall Hanging with Wish Sticks, used a large hoop, string and nature elements. Meri shows you how to create a truly meaningful and unique collaborative project that focuses on the process while encouraging community and caring.

Spots and Stripes Concertina with Watercolor Collage

Anna LOVES painting with acrylics, and shares her love globally - through her business, Shiny Happy Art, and her Paint Along of the Month Club.

Concertinas are folded works of art that can be viewed upright or accordion style.  Using fun drawings, watercolors and a collage composition, these keepsakes are a beautiful reminder of your artistic season.

Tangy Tropical Seascapes & Colorful Critters

Patty is the founder of Deep Space Sparkle and is passionate about exploring new mediums and techniques that engage kids.
In this presentation you'll explore just how fun it is to explore chalk pens. When used in combination with other mediums, children can create detailed drawings with color, pop and precision!
Patty will demonstrate a project perfect for the younger set (ages 5-8) and one for the older set (9-15).

Jungle Toucan in Watercolor Pencils

Britt is a private art instructor in Germany. Known for her detailed drawings and unique take on art techniques, Britt shows you how to engage kids through new techniques and encourage craftsmanship.

This brightly colored and nuanced Toucan uses watercolor pencils in meticulous layers to create a richly detailed work of art.

Layered Textured Cockatoo using Gelli Plates

Heather is a former K-6 art teacher from Georgia but now is responsible for all the sparkly lessons inside The Sparklers Club here at Deep Space Sparkle.

This Sparkle Queen will show you how to make your own gelli plates and teach you how to create beautiful textured papers to use in a variety of art projects.

You'll absolutely fall in love with this super easy, kid friendly material to create mono prints!

Artful + Abstract Assemblage on Canvas Workshop

Ami is the Creative Director of the wildly successful art studio in Colorado.

Ami is famous for her multi-step projects. This one explores layers through a powerful process of paint in an artful, yet abstract, adventure, creatively combining paint + assemblage.

Artists will work on an oversized, heavy-weight, primed canvas as they dive into the adventure of abstraction through color exploration, staining, layering, texturing, printing, mark-making, & embellishing.


A whole day to explore art mediums and learn from some of the best teachers in the biz. Saturday, July 11th from 8am-4pm PST



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Check out these beautiful pieces of art inspired by some of our past workshops!


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